Benefits From Dietary Supplements

Consumers bought dietary supplements in the market, either for the purpose of make up all of the nutrition requirement in the body, or to pursue a better health state than current. Fortunately, we got some confirmation from some clinic studies, which support the evidence of a less risk of some diseases.

women's health

For example, in one study reported at American Journal of Epidemiology in 2015, regarding whether the multivitamins/multiminerals supplement has efficacy on the mortality or cancer incidence. The result told us that if someone took the multivitamin supplement for at least 3 years, then in the coming 20 or so years, he/she had a 35% low risk of dying from cardivascular disease than those who didn’t take multivitamins every day.

So basically, taking dietary supplements is worth of consuming for a long term consideration, isn’t it?

From above study, what gave us an impressive surprise is that for women, there is a less risk – 44% of death rate because of the cardiovascular related disease. According to the study, if the subjects didn’t take multivitamin supplement more than 3 years, then no such efficacy was observed. If someone took multivitamins supplement but didn’t contain multiminerals ingredient then also no such result.

In another research in 2013, regarding women’s health, the study focused on the relationship between multivitamins/minerals and the mortality caused by the breast cancer, researchers concluded that for those elder women – from 50 to 79 years old, who had invasive breast cancer and took dietary supplements then led to a likely 30% less risk of mortality for this disease over 7 years averagely, compared to those women didn’t take supplement.

Obviously, for women’s health, the multivitamins and minerals product is not just a dietary supplement, for example, prenatal vitamins will support a full spectrum of nutrition for the women in childbearing age, also it really provides old women more supporting for the breast cancer prospectively.